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Online Course Business Case Study: $50K Launch Week

Shelly Davies is a badass copywriter based in Rotorua, New Zealand, who helps her clients crush their business copywriting. However, when it came to launching and scaling her online courses, she struggled to get any traction or sales. She had tried everything from rebranding to paid ads, but nothing seemed to work. But it all changed when she met Abhi and together they created a new online course business ” THE SCHOOL OF unPROSESSIONAL WRITING” that had a whopping $50,000 launch week.

The Problem: Shelly’s Struggle to Launch and Scale Her Online Course Business

Shelly, despite her extensive experience and expertise, faced challenges when it came to successfully launching and scaling her online course business. She had made multiple attempts, including rebranding and employing various strategies, but none of them had resulted in significant success. However, everything changed for Shelly when she crossed paths with Abhi.

Shelly is a go-getter, action-taker, and a badass copywriter. When she teamed up with Abhi and his talented team, they had a blast creating her new online course business brand “THE SCHOOL OF unPROFESSIONAL WRITING”. Together, they built a brand, a high-converting website, and a user-friendly course portal, set up automations, devised a killer sales strategy, and launched with a bang. The result? A whopping $50,000 in just one week!

Creating a New Umbrella Brand for Scalable Online Course Business

shelly's new brand for her online course business

Branding is the key to scalability and that is exactly what Abhi suggested to Shelly. Shelly had all the business associated with Shellydavies.co.nz her main brand but Abhi suggested Shelly to create a new umbrella brand for her online courses so that she can scale this online course business to infinity and beyond. This branding strategy would allow her to incorporate partnerships with other course authors without affecting her personal brand. Initially, she was a bit hesitant but after some thought, she agreed with the suggestion and went ahead with it with full conviction.

Online Course Business Website Built for Conversions

Online Course Business Website Built for Conversions

When it came to creating a website that effectively converted visitors into customers, Abhi and his team were Shelly’s go-to experts. They understood the importance of presenting Shelly’s online course business in the best possible light and engaging potential customers right from the moment they landed on the website.

Abhi’s extensive experience in website design and optimization played a crucial role in maximizing customer engagement and driving conversions. With a deep understanding of user behaviour and conversion psychology, Abhi and his team were able to implement strategies that encouraged visitors to take action.

Highly Converting Sales Pages and Streamlined Operations

Highly Converting Sales Pages and Streamlined Operations

Abhi and his team skillfully designed sales pages for Shelly’s new online course business that led customers to easy checkouts for the “THE SCHOOL OF unPROFESSIONAL WRITING”. They also created a smooth onboarding process to make a positive first impression. Most importantly, they automated various operational tasks, reducing the workload for Shelly and her team.

Coversion-optimised sales pages, user-friendly checkouts, and an efficient onboarding process enhanced the overall experience for customers. By automating operations, Shelly and her team could focus more on delivering exceptional content while minimising administrative burdens.

Automations: Streamlining the Sales Process for Online Course Business

Automations: Streamlining the Sales Process for Online Courses

Abhi’s expertise extended beyond just website design. He provided invaluable guidance on automating the sales process, allowing Shelly to concentrate on delivering her course while her website effortlessly worked in the background to drive sales.

With the sales process automated, Shelly could focus her energy on what she does best—delivering her course content and providing value to her students. The burden of manually managing sales tasks was lifted, freeing up her time and allowing her to invest more in creating a remarkable learning experience.

Email Launch Strategy

Email Launch Strategy for an online course business

Shelly had an email list of about 2000 people, but her previous attempts to sell courses didn’t work. With Abhi’s help, they created a launch campaign using email and social media. Abhi’s expertise in crafting engaging emails, personalizing content, and integrating with social media made a significant difference.

The collaboration between Shelly and Abhi led to outstanding results. Their well-executed email launch strategy, combined with social media, generated an impressive $50,000 in course sales within a week of her online course business launch. Abhi’s guidance revitalised Shelly’s email marketing efforts and opened up new opportunities for business growth.

The Result: $50,000 Launch Week

50000 dollars online course business launch

By the end of the 7-day launch, Shelly made an impressive $50,000 in online course sales. In just five weeks and six days, she had achieved what she had been trying to do for years with no success.

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