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Online Course Business Case Study: $50K Launch Week

Shelly Davies is a badass copywriter based in Rotorua, New Zealand, who helps her clients crush their business copywriting. However, when it came to launching and scaling her online courses, she struggled to get any traction or sales. She had

Expertise Into A Highly Profitable Online Course-Amy’s Story

Amy Scott, a well-known speaker, author, and expert in communications, had been thinking about launching a digital product for years. However, she faced a significant challenge in turning her knowledge into a highly profitable online course. She needed help to

Group Coaching Programs and Online Courses Fairy Tale

Tūraukawa and Amy Bartlett are founders of Manavation, a cultural confidence business based in Northland, New Zealand. In 2020, Manavation was hit hard by the lockdowns in New Zealand. It became really difficult to have in-person consulting gigs due to

Boosting Online Course Sales: Kate Brennan’s Success Story

Discover how Kate Brennan, a lifestyle farmer from Hikurangi, New Zealand, increased her online course sales by leveraging her blog traffic. With the guidance of Abhi and the Online Coaching OS PRO Membership programme, Kate transformed her blog traffic into

Chiropractic Clinic to A High-Ticket Group Coaching Program.

Dr. Andy Nelson from Arizona, US had been struggling to convert his chiropractic expertise into a successful high-ticket group coaching program. Despite putting in a lot of time, money, and effort, he wasn’t making much progress. He even joined a

1:1 Management Consulting to Online Coaching

Discover how Ashok Menon, a procurement consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, transformed his career through the power of online coaching. In this case study, we’ll explore Ashok’s journey of joining the Online Coaching OS PRO program and

Digital Transformation-The Zone

At the heart of The Zone’s mission lies the desire to transform organisations into forces for good. Liam and his team firmly believe that businesses can transcend mere profit-driven goals and become beacons of positive impact in the world. The