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Group Coaching Programs and Online Courses Fairy Tale

Tūraukawa and Amy Bartlett are founders of Manavation, a cultural confidence business based in Northland, New Zealand. In 2020, Manavation was hit hard by the lockdowns in New Zealand. It became really difficult to have in-person consulting gigs due to the pandemic and business started to dry out. Tūraukawa and Amy turned to Abhi for help, and with his guidance, they were able to transition their 1:1 consulting business into a highly profitable online business that consisted of online courses and group coaching programs—all while working from home.

The Problem

Manavation was struggling to sustain its business during the pandemic due to the lockdowns in New Zealand. Their in-person coaching and workshops had to be put on hold, and they needed to find a way to continue their work while generating revenue.

With Abhi’s guidance, Manavation was able to build a successful online business with several services. Here’s how each of these services helped Manavation thrive:

Streamlining Business Processes: Website with CRM Integrations

Manavation conversion optimised website with CRM integrations

Abhi and his team played a crucial role in assisting Manavation in building a website with CRM integrations, resulting in streamlined business processes. These integrations provided Manavation with a centralized platform to manage client information, sales processes, and payments, effectively optimizing their operations and enhancing client satisfaction.

Centralizing Data and Processes

With the CRM integrations, Manavation was able to consolidate all client-related information into a single platform. This allowed for easy access and retrieval of data, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems or manually track information across various channels. By centralizing their data and processes, Manavation could efficiently manage client interactions, track progress, and provide personalized services.

Enhanced Sales and Payment Management

The CRM integrations also facilitated seamless sales and payment management for Manavation. By integrating their website with the CRM system, they could streamline the sales process, track leads, and monitor the progress of sales opportunities. Additionally, the integrated payment system enabled convenient and secure transactions, ensuring a smooth experience for both Manavation and its clients.

Time-saving and Focus on Value Delivery

The website with CRM integrations significantly reduced administrative overhead for Manavation, saving them valuable time and resources. With automated processes for data management, sales tracking, and payments, the team could redirect their efforts towards delivering value to their clients. This allowed Manavation to focus on creating meaningful content, providing personalized support, and nurturing client relationships.

Improved Client Experience

The streamlined business processes resulting from the CRM integrations contributed to an enhanced client experience. With all client information readily accessible, Manavation could better understand their client’s needs and preferences, delivering tailored services and fostering stronger relationships. The seamless sales and payment processes further added to the overall satisfaction and convenience of their clients.

Streamlining Operations: Automating Processes for Efficiency

One of the primary objectives of the project was to streamline and automate the operational processes for Manavation. With a small team, complex systems can often consume significant energy and resources. To address this challenge, Abhi played a pivotal role in automating 90% of Manavation’s processes, allowing them to effectively manage their online business.

Efficiency through Automation

Recognising the need to optimise its operations, Manavation sought to automate various aspects of its business. Abhi and his team worked closely with Manavation to identify key areas where automation could make a significant impact. By implementing automated systems, routine tasks and processes were streamlined, freeing up valuable time and resources for the team.

Maximising Energy and Resources

For small teams like Manavation, energy and resources are precious commodities. The automation of processes enabled them to channel their energy towards core business activities rather than being tied up in repetitive tasks. This not only improved operational efficiency but also allowed the team to focus on high-value activities, such as creating valuable content, engaging with clients, and driving business growth.

Sustainable Scalability

By automating a significant portion of their operations, Manavation created a solid foundation for sustainable scalability. As the business grows, the automated systems can seamlessly accommodate increased demand, without requiring a proportional increase in resources or compromising the quality of their services. This scalability ensures that Manavation can continue to meet customer needs effectively while maintaining a lean and efficient team structure.

Offer Structure

Manavation offers - online courses, group coaching programs and 1:1 coaching and consulting

With Abhi’s guidance, Manavation strategically structured its offers to optimize impact, profitability, and delivery efficiency. This well-designed offer structure allowed the Manavation team to concentrate on their strengths and effectively utilize digital products, leading to remarkable business growth and success even during the challenges of the pandemic.

Online Courses

manavation online courses library

Abhi played a crucial role in assisting Manavation in organising their online courses into distinct categories, resulting in the creation of an effective learning path for their learners. The key strategy for the course structure was to ensure that every lesson and module delivered impactful and outcome-based practical tips and tricks, condensed into short and practical videos. This approach aimed to maximize learner engagement and provide tangible results. By carefully curating the course content, Manavation was able to deliver valuable insights and actionable knowledge to its learners. The structured learning path, guided by Abhi’s expertise, ensured that learners could easily access and apply practical tips and tricks throughout their cultural practices and confidence-building journey. The thoughtful organization of the courses contributed to an enhanced learning experience, empowering learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive.

Online Group Coaching

manavation group coaching program offer

Group coaching played a pivotal role in driving the remarkable growth of Manavation’s business. With Abhi’s assistance, Manavation strategically structured their offers, enabling Turaukawa and Amy to leverage their extensive library of online courses to create highly profitable and impactful offers for their customers. The combination of online courses and group coaching allowed Manavation to deliver exceptional outcomes to its customers while maximizing its revenue potential. By offering personalised attention within a group setting, Manavation effectively scaled its business while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and engagement.

1:1 Consulting and Coaching

manavation one on one coaching offer

In addition to their online courses and group coaching programs, Manavation provided personalised 1:1 consulting sessions to clients seeking individual attention. These consulting sessions allowed Manavation to offer customised support while generating very healthy revenue. The introduction of other online offers had a significant impact: the 1:1 consulting sessions were priced at a premium rate. This meant that Manavation could work with fewer clients while maintaining high quality and achieving their revenue and impact goals.

By offering these services, Manavation successfully built a thriving online business that allowed them to sustain their work even during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Streamlining Course Delivery for Corporate Offers

Building a course is one thing, but ensuring seamless delivery, especially for corporate clients purchasing multiple seats, presents its own set of challenges. As part of this project, Abhi and his team played a crucial role in strategizing and implementing the necessary systems to facilitate smooth course delivery. From sales pages to checkouts to emails and automations, every aspect was carefully considered.

Simplifying the Process

Abhi and his team worked closely with Manavation to streamline their delivery systems. The goal was to create a system that was 90% automated and easy for a small team to operate. This approach allowed Manavation to scale its business effortlessly while ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Efficient Sales Pages and Checkouts

Abhi and his team helped optimize the sales pages and checkouts for Manavation’s corporate offers. By carefully designing these elements, potential clients could easily understand the value proposition and make a purchase with minimal friction. The streamlined checkout process ensured a seamless transaction for corporate clients, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Effective Email Communication

Abhi and his team also focused on establishing efficient email systems to support course delivery. Automated emails were set up to provide the necessary information, updates, and access to course materials. This not only saved time for the Manavation team but also ensured clear and timely communication with corporate clients.

Automation for Scalability

Automation played a key role in the delivery system strategy. Abhi and his team implemented various automations to minimize repetitive tasks, allowing the team to focus on high-value activities. This enabled Manavation to scale its operations while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

The Result: A Scalable and User-Friendly System

Through Abhi and his team’s expertise and guidance, Manavation successfully built a delivery system that met the needs of corporate clients. The 90% automated system simplified operations and allowed the team to focus on core aspects of their business. This streamlined approach not only enhanced the customer experience but also paved the way for future scalability.

Sales Strategy: Driving Traffic and Automating Proposals for Success

In the world of sales strategy, the rubber meets the road. Once all the offers are set, it’s time to sell. However, selling anything requires having a steady stream of traffic. Turaukawa from Manavation understood this well and took advantage of his active presence on LinkedIn. He started consistently posting videos on LinkedIn, which became a powerful tool for driving traffic to his newly built website and offers. This strategic move proved to be the catalyst for Manavation’s success. By focusing primarily on inbound marketing and concentrating efforts on one channel, the results were nothing short of remarkable.

Automating Proposal Creation

Abhi recognized the importance of optimizing the sales process for Manavation. One key aspect was automating the creation of proposals. By implementing automated systems, the Manavation team could save valuable time and focus on what mattered most in sales: building relationships. With the proposal creation process streamlined, they were able to allocate more energy towards nurturing client connections, ultimately driving greater success.

The Power of Inbound Marketing and Relationship Building

Manavation’s sales strategy centred around inbound marketing, leveraging Turaukawa’s LinkedIn presence to generate traffic. By consistently sharing valuable video content, they captured the attention of their target audience and directed them to their website and offers. This organic approach proved highly effective in attracting potential clients who were genuinely interested in their cultural confidence services.

Furthermore, by automating proposal creation, the Manavation team could focus on fostering meaningful relationships with clients. Building strong connections and delivering personalized attention became the cornerstone of their sales strategy, leading to increased client satisfaction and trust.


The new business model not only helped Manavation sustain their business during the pandemic but also allowed them to reach new revenue heights. What’s more, Tūraukawa and Amy were able to buy their dream home within just 6 months after starting their journey with Abhi! This new business model also allowed them to spend more time with their family, as they could work from home and have more flexibility in their schedule.


In conclusion, the pandemic presented many challenges for businesses around the world, but with the right guidance and mindset, it was possible to not only survive but thrive. Manavation’s success story is a testament to the power of resilience and adaptation. By leveraging the power of online coaching and offering personalized attention through group coaching and 1:1 consulting, and utilizing website build with CRM integrations and automations, they were able to build a highly profitable online business that allowed them to continue their work while also achieving their personal and financial goals.

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