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1:1 Management Consulting to Online Coaching

Discover how Ashok Menon, a procurement consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, transformed his career through the power of online coaching. In this case study, we’ll explore Ashok’s journey of joining the Online Coaching OS PRO program and how it helped him achieve remarkable success in the online coaching industry.

Ashok’s Background and Desire to Help Others Enter the Field

Ashok Menon’s extensive experience in the procurement consulting industry fueled his passion for assisting others in entering the field. However, he faced the challenge of not knowing where to start. That’s when he discovered the Online Coaching OS PRO program—an opportunity that would change his life.

The Online Coaching OS PRO Membership: A Path to Expertise-Based Online Business

The Online Coaching OS PRO Membership specializes in guiding individuals in creating and launching their expertise-based online businesses. With a focus on a unique approach, the program first emphasizes the creation and pre-validation of offers before designing a program for the founding members.

Pre-Validating Offers and Testing: Ashok’s Unexpected Success

Ashok’s success story took an unexpected turn when he pre-sold his high-ticket hybrid coaching program without even having created content or set up a website. Using a simple Google Doc offer, he managed to attract his first paying clients, surpassing his initial expectations. This outcome surprised not only Ashok but also fellow program participants who experienced similar early success.

Connection and Collaboration: The Power of Online Coaching OS PRO Community

Ashok was impressed by the program’s founder, whose approachability and willingness to engage in thoughtful debates resonated with him. This unique feature fostered a vibrant community where ideas were freely exchanged, leading to mutual growth and learning. Ashok appreciated the experimental nature of the community, which aligned perfectly with his own mindset.

Scaling Ashok’s Business: From Success to Expansion

With the resounding success of his hybrid group coaching program, Ashok embarked on a journey to scale his business. Thanks to the Online Coaching OS PRO Membership’s effective approach, he witnessed firsthand the power of pre-validating offers and testing them before building the program. This methodology not only saved time and resources but also helped him secure paying clients before shooting a single video.


Ashok Menon’s inspiring success story with the Online Coaching OS PRO program exemplifies the transformative potential of online coaching. By pre-validating offers, fostering collaborative communities, and providing a roadmap to scale businesses, this program empowers individuals to thrive in the online coaching industry. If you’re seeking to embark on a similar journey and build your online coaching business, the Online Coaching OS PRO Membership offers a proven system to help you achieve remarkable results. Start your own success story today!

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