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Elevate Your Coaching, Consulting or Service Business with Evergreen Group Coaching Programs

Are you an expert, coach, consultant, or thought leader looking to level up your business? Do you want to accelerate your impact, income, and lifestyle while still delivering fantastic results for your clients? If so, this article is a must-read for you, as we explore the transformative power of Evergreen Group Coaching Programs.

How I Discovered the Magic of Evergreen Group Coaching

Before we dive into the intricacies of Evergreen Group Coaching, let me share a personal story that brought me to this life-changing approach. During the first lockdowns in New Zealand, I was working as an executive digital producer and innovator for a top marketing agency. My job was demanding, I had a 2-year-old at home, and my wife was pregnant. It was a total disaster!

So, I made a life-changing decision. I quit my job, started my own business, and leveraged my digital experience. At first, I took on one-on-one clients, which brought in more income than my previous executive job but left me with less time for my family. I was stuck.

That’s when I sat down and crafted a wish list for my ideal business:

  1. Effortless Start: Whatever I started needed to be easy to begin and shouldn’t demand much of my time since I was still serving one-on-one clients.
  2. 20-Hour Fulfilment: Once up and running, I wanted my business model to require no more than 20 hours a week to fulfil so I could spend the rest of my time learning and improving for my clients.
  3. Immediate Action: I had helped many experts and thought leaders grow their businesses with online courses, but I didn’t have the time to create courses. I needed something I could launch with my first founding members.
  4. Integrity-Preserving: I wanted to ensure that I could continue to provide the best outcomes for all my clients. My new approach had to maintain my integrity regarding results and service.

During a lunch with two dear friends, Amy and Dan, we brainstormed ways to enhance our clients’ coaching experiences. We realised that different people required different types of support, and it struck me—why not offer everything? Why not create a comprehensive package that covers everything a client could need?

And that’s how the Evergreen Momentum Business Accelerator was born, an Evergreen Group Coaching program with components of 1:1 coaching, group coaching, implementation, outsourcing, and strategy help. It’s designed to be foolproof for clients.

The Burnout Trap and the Evergreen Solution

Many coaches, consultants, experts, and thought leaders find themselves trapped in a cycle of one-on-one client service, leading to burnout and limiting their earning potential. This is where Evergreen Group Coaching Programs come to the rescue, offering a sustainable and lucrative alternative.

1. Selling Your Time

Trading precious hours for dollars can be a dangerous game. It leaves you with no time to focus on marketing your business, and you’re constantly on the treadmill of client service. The stress of finding the next client can be overwhelming. Evergreen Group Coaching, on the other hand, allows you to leverage your time effectively and create a consistent income stream.

2. Working One-on-One

While one-on-one coaching allows for deeper client relationships, it can be exhausting. Coaches often work extra hours to ensure their clients’ success, neglecting self-care in the process. Evergreen Group Coaching provides a structured approach that benefits both you and your clients, offering a balanced and effective way to deliver exceptional value.

3. Not Charging Enough

Pricing can become a limiting factor when working one-on-one. Without a consistent flow of leads, it’s hard to raise prices. Selling one-on-one leaves little time for marketing, creating a vicious cycle. Evergreen Group Coaching programs offer a scalable model that allows you to charge what you’re worth while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

4. Limited Marketing Knowledge

Many experts excel in their field but lack marketing and sales experience. Inconsistent leads cause stress and uncertainty. Evergreen Group Coaching programs come with built-in marketing strategies and automation, ensuring a steady stream of clients without the need for extensive marketing expertise.

5. Lack of Systems

Even if you want to serve clients one-on-one, you need systems for consistent lead generation. Automated systems are crucial for maintaining a work-life balance. Evergreen Group Coaching programs provide the systems and structure needed to streamline client acquisition and program delivery, freeing up your time.

6. Lack of Leverage

One-on-one work lacks leverage. To raise prices and create irresistible offers, you need something that doesn’t solely rely on your time. Evergreen Group Coaching programs offer a leveraged approach, allowing you to serve multiple clients simultaneously while maintaining the quality of your service.

Crafting Your Evergreen Group Coaching Program

Step 1: Define Your Framework

Turn your existing coaching process into an Evergreen Group Coaching framework with a unique name. This gives your approach distinction and positions it as a fresh opportunity for potential clients.

Action Item: Craft Your Framework

Reflect on your case studies and write down the steps you take to bring about outcomes for your clients. Then, turn it into a process and give it a name. Use this template: “My ________-step framework for _______________ without ____________.”

Step 2: Create an Outline

Design your Evergreen Group Coaching program with no more than 7 modules, each containing focused chapters. Clearly state the outcomes for each module and chapter to eliminate unnecessary content.

Action Item: Develop Your Program Outline

Structure your program with no more than 7 modules, each with chapters focused on specific subjects. Ensure each module and chapter has clear outcomes. If a module or chapter doesn’t contribute to the outcomes, consider removing it.

Step 3: Craft an Irresistible Evergreen Group Coaching Offer

An offer’s success depends on three factors: the client’s likelihood of success, the timeline for results, and the effort required. Make sure your Evergreen Group Coaching program minimises client effort while delivering results quickly.

Action Item: Create Your Offer

Design an offer that addresses these three key factors. Highlight the likelihood of client success with testimonials, clarify the timeline for results, and emphasise how your program minimises client effort.

Step 4: Pre-Validate Your Evergreen Group Coaching Offer

Send your Evergreen Group Coaching offer to at least 20 people in your network who fit your ideal client profile. Seek their genuine opinions and refine your offer based on their feedback.

Action Item: Pre-Validate Your Offer

Reach out to at least 20 individuals who match your ideal client profile. Share your Evergreen Group Coaching offer and gather their feedback through conversations. Use their insights to refine your offer.

Step 5: Founding Members Pre-Launch

Offer a founding members discount to your clients and network, highlighting that the first 20 people will receive a 50% discount. Price your Evergreen Group Coaching program between $5,000 to $7,000.

Action Item: Launch Your Founding Members Pre-Launch

Announce your Evergreen Group Coaching program to your clients and network. Offer an exclusive discount to the first 20 participants. Price your program attractively to encourage early sign-ups.

What’s Possible with Evergreen Group Coaching?

By focusing your marketing efforts on your Evergreen Group Coaching offer, you can attract 5-10 clients per month, potentially generating 50-100K months, all without relying on ads.

The Online Coaching OS PRO Membership offers a systematic approach to creating and scaling Evergreen Group Coaching Programs.

If you’re ready to transform your coaching business and enjoy a better work-life balance with Evergreen Group Coaching, explore the Online Coaching OS PRO Membership today! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to accelerate your impact, income, and lifestyle while delivering exceptional results for your clients. Join the Evergreen revolution and start your Evergreen Group Coaching journey today.