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In the rapidly evolving landscape of online education, pricing strategies play a pivotal role in determining the success of your

Mastering the Art of Pricing Strategies for Online Courses and Signature Programs


Hey there, folks! When it comes to diving into the world of online course and signature program creation, there’s one

Tailoring Online Course and Coaching Business Strategies to Your Unique Journey


In today’s digital age, knowledge is not just power; it’s also a valuable asset that can be monetised effectively. If

How to Productise Your Knowledge for Profitable Online Courses and Signature Coaching Programs


In today’s knowledge-driven world, sharing expertise and skills has never been easier, thanks to the accessibility of the internet. Whether

A Guide to Creating Signature Coaching Programs and Online Courses

Crafting brand identity with a unified front or a mosaic of specialsed offerings. Establishing a strong brand identity is crucial

Branding for coaches and consultants: Branded House vs. House of Brands

In today’s digital age, the online coaching industry has gained immense popularity, allowing individuals to share their expertise and help

7 Key Building Blocks to Launching & Scaling Your Online Coaching Business

The key to bringing new clients to your coaching business is understanding your ideal customer’s buyer’s journey. You must ensure

No Buyer’s Journey, No Sales: Why You Need a Clear Sales Path

Tūraukawa and Amy Bartlett are founders of Manavation, a cultural confidence business based in Northland, New Zealand. In 2020, Manavation

Group Coaching Programs and Online Courses Fairy Tale

Amy Scott, a well-known speaker, author, and expert in communications, had been thinking about launching a digital product for years.

Expertise Into A Highly Profitable Online Course-Amy’s Story